Annual Report

This poetic annual report was probably from 1993, as that is when Oxford Phab was registered as a charity. If I can find the date I will update it.

Its Oxford PHAB here
with all that we do
on Friday evenings
all year through.
Games evenings and videos
there's lots to be found
a hive of activity
and laughter all round
A film at the cinema
and outings to pubs
just for a drink
and maybe some grub.
A holiday most years
and trips to the coast
for a days excitement
is had by most.
Fundraising we need
we really must start
with street collections
and walks in the park.
To get a minibus
thats our main need
to gain independence
and freedom indeed.
Our main achievement
we're finally there
we've gained charity status
for people who care.
We meet at Wesley Mem
in New Inn Hall Street
in the centre of town
new members we'll greet.