Church Party and Barn Dance

Wesley Memorial Church invited Oxford Phab to join their Church Party with Ploughman’s supper and Barn Dance.

Some Phab members arrived early, and helped set up the Hall and John Wesley Room, lay tables, cut bread and cheese, prepare drinks, put out snacks and the multitude of other tasked needed for such an event, with over 80 attendees to be a success.

There was an urban railway based quiz before the supper, with pictures of trains, trams and buses from all over the world, and city transport maps all round the walls of the John Wesley Room. These gave an alternative activity, and conversation point, though many people were content to sit and chat.

The Ploughmans supper had not only a variety of breads and cheeses, salads and chutneys but also some delicious home made hummus. Following this were a wide selection of contributed deserts, from chocolate cake to crumbles.

The evening was rounded off by a series of Barn Dances, organised by Derek, our experienced and patient caller.

Some Phab members were among the kind people who stayed on to clear up and set the rooms straight for the following day.

Wheelchair Dancing

You don’t have to be in a wheelchair to take part in Wheelchair Dancing – as Patrick and Lynn from the Wheelchair Dance Sport Association showed as when they came to teach us the rudiments of Wheelchair Dancing.
wpid-wp-1454700700445.jpegWe already enjoy Discos, Barn Dances and Zumba, and wheelchair dance can have similarities to all of these, but cleverly adapted to make the dances more accessible.

Here is Patrick giving us some initial instruction – he is starting off simple – it became more complicated as we went along !

Some pictures of usĀ  dancing.

Getting more active !

And this one is more like a Barn Dance.

We finished with some winding down exercises.