Meal at Oxy

Sharing a meal together is always popular at Oxford Phab and Oxy Oriental is a favourite because they have a wide selection, mostly Oriental – as you would expect from the name, but varied enough to be able to avoid very salty or spicy food – and a reasonable selection of vegetarian dishes.
The problem with blogging about going for a buffet meal with Phab is that by the time you have fetched food for those who can’t fetch their own, and eaten yourself, everyone has finished and there is no sign of the food we have enjoyed.
imageHowever you can tell we enjoyed it.
imageOnly a little desert left

Oxford Phab Holiday at Avon Tyrrell 2015- Highlights

We had a great time in Avon Tyrrell – everybody got on well, and all being in the same cabin, and doing most of the activities together made the trip very special for me.
Here are links to the posts about what we did.


The pool at Avon Tyrrell is outdoors, but is heated by a heat pump
DSCN1471so nice and warm in the water
DSCN1472but cooler in the open air
DSCN1473Some of us thought it wiser to spectate
DSCN1480but those who went in had a great time !
The staff at Avon Tyrrell were very good. We had two people supervising the swimming – one very experienced and one – still very good, but learning on the job – so that Avon Tyrrell not only provide great holidays, but trained staff through an apprenticeship scheme too.

Climbing Wall

We went on the climbing wall – it looks very high !
especially from up close
but, undaunted, we get kitted out with helmets and harnesses.
John going up !
Trisha preparing to climb
She is fearless !
On the way to the top.
DSCN1449Sarah is enjoying the experience
DSCN1442Sarah on her way up too.
DSCN1454Kelly getting ready to go up.
The staff who supervised the climbing were very good, and not only had the slings and other equipment to enable an inclusive climb, but knew how to use it.

Treasure hunt

We’re off on a Treasure Hunt !
The treasure hunt took us all over the site
Sharing out treasure at the end

Avon Tyrrell for wheelchair users

Something to bear in mind for groups with wheelchair users is that Avon Tyrrell is a wooded site, and some of the paths are fairly steep. It is a good idea to make sure there are enough people to make sure that slopes can be negotiated safely. Also some of the surfaced paths have tree roots causing additional bumps in the surface – nowhere is impassable, but be prepared.