We miss you, Kelly

Kelly, who has been coming to Oxford Phab since 2001, died on Monday 27th April 2020, after a short illness. We will miss her very much, as she was not only a keen participant in the activities of the club, but an embodiment of ‘Making More of Life Together’

Making – she certainly did, enjoying all sorts of craft activities.

Another favourite activity was Zumba, where she not only joined in sessions with Oxford Phab, but was part of the wider Zumba community, where she is also greatly missed.

She had strong connections with the wider Phab, keeping in touch with people she met at sponsored walks, Phab Southeast fun weekends and other Phab events. She was nominated for the Louis Goldberg Award in 2006, and went to the House of Lords to receive a certificate of nomination.

She was also a great ambassador for Phab in the community, getting to know people when we went on holiday, to Hinksey Heights Golf Club, Carol singing or anywhere we were out and about.

Everywhere we went as a group there seemed to be people coming along to say ‘Hi Kelly’, for example at Cowley Road Carnival, where she was helping on our stall.

We miss you, Kelly

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Goede Reis, Ans

Our friend Ans, who lived in Oxford for longer than Oxford Phab has been running,  has returned to her native Holland.
Her daughter came with us to Holland in 1992, and was a great help, particularly as a Dutch speaker.
Ans herself would drop in to Phab from time to time, and chat with our members. As a social club we love to chat, and new – and returning – faces are always welcome. When I was on dialysis she would also take me home early as, although Phab is always enjoyable, my stamina was not always up to a late night.
When she moved to Holland there were some pieces of furniture and other items which she did not wish to take with her, and Phab has received some very welcome donations from the new owners of these pieces. We are grateful to Ans, and to them for this.
Thanks to the Internet Ans is still in touch with several of our members, and we like to think that rather than losing a friend in Oxford we have gained a friend in Holland.