Normal club -and hockey in the Hall

Our club night was enlivened by  a new mini pool table, kindly donated by Tanya.
As well as our usual cups of tea, we played Hockey in the Hall.

We did not play the official Floorball rules, but members came in and picked up a stick and joined in !

Warning, the video above was taken whilst playing – do not watch if you get seasick !

This is how it looked as a spectator a little later.
We had a great time, and enjoyed making use of the space.

Normal Club – back in the John Wesley Room

We are back in the John Wesley Room for the first normal Club of 2017.
The John Wesley Room, and kitchen have been refurbished since we last used them, and we enjoyed the new look.
The larger hatch was well used for cups of tea.
and the new stainless steel kitchen looks very smart
img_20170113_201733218as well as – to the delight of those who have used the kitchen for a long time – retaining the traditional clothes airer, to be seen at the top left of the picture.
img_20170113_204053794The chilly weather is a good time to look back on things we have done in the past, in this case our holiday to Eurodisney in 2005.
We are also looking forward the the Moonrakers concert next week.