Programme 1993

These old programme entries are here so prospective new members can see the things we have done in the past, and to bring back memories for those who took part.
29-Jan-1993 – Ordinary Club (video evening)
5-Feb-1993 – Games Evening at Wesley Memorial
26-Feb-1993 – Birthday Party (Simon and Lucy) 6:30 to 8:00
26th to 28th Feb 1993 – Training weekend at Felbury House
5-Mar-1993 – Visit to Banbury PHAB club
12-Mar-1993 – Curry Evening at Wesley Memorial
13-Mar-1993 (Saturday) – Karaoke Night at Hounslow PHAB
19-Mar-1993 – Britannia Pub, Headington
2-Apr-1993 – Barn Dance at Wesley Memorial
2-Apr-1993 – Ordinary Club
16-Apr-1993 – Ordinary Club
Note that I don’t have a full programme for 1993 – I will update this post if I find more.