We try to organize a varied programme of activities throughout the year, which are described in our programme. These pages have some more information on some of the popular ones.

Note that Covid-19 has disrupted some of our normal activities, particularly as some of our members are more vulnerable. We are having to be cautious about what activities we can do, and the programme may have to change at short notice if the situation changes.

Social Club Nights at Wesley Memorial

Often we will combine a club night with some other activity, but sometimes, particularly if we have not met for a while, members just like to get together and chat.

Art and Crafts

Art and Craft sessions, either at Wesley Memorial on a Club Night, or joint events with other clubs, are very popular.

Eating and drinking

Eating and drinking are great ways of coming together as a group. Sometimes we cook meals at the church, which as two good kitchens, or eat takeaways together. Sometimes we go out to eat or drink – Donnington Social Club and Hinksey Heights Golf Club have been particularly welcoming, but we have been to other places too.

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