Programme 1998

These old programme entries are here so prospective new members can see the things we have done in the past, and to bring back memories for those who took part.
9-Jan-1998 – Ordinary Club
23-Jan-1998 – Fish and Chip Supper – Matt and Kevins birthday
24-Jan-1998 (Saturday) – Banbury PHAB party
30-Jan-1998 – Ordinary Club
6-Feb-1998 – Video Evening
13-Feb-1998 – Valentines Event – watch this space !!
20-Feb-1998 – Julie North – Something Arty ! (to be confirmed)
27-Feb-1998 – Pancake Party and Lucys birthday
6-Mar-1998 – Hobbies and Interests Evening
13-Mar-1998 – Housewarming and Janets Birthday Party (at Janets !)
20-Mar-1998 – Aromatherapy
27-Mar-1998 – Bowling at Jardines Club, Aylesbury – 7:30 pm
3-Apr-1998 – Chinese meal at Paddyfields
1-May-1998 – Ordinary Club
4-May-1998 (Monday) – Heartbeat Hike – sponsored walk in Hyde Park, London. Meet at Andrews at 8:30 am.
8-May-1998 – Mexican Evening and Games at Wesley Memorial
15-May-1998 – Ordinary Club
22-May-1998 – Cake making for Sale, please bring cakes or ingredients
23-May-1998 (Saturday) – Cakes and Refreshments all day with Oxfam book sale. – We need lots of help from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm even if only for an hour or so.
29-May-1998 – Ordinary Club
5-Jun-1998 – No club
6-Jun-1998 (Saturday) – Barbeque at Andrews and Janets (Leon Close) 7:30 onwards. Steve’s Birthday
12-Jun-1998 – Disco and PHAB Area Committee Annual General Meeting at Wesley Memorial
19-Jun-1998 – Pub Trip – Victoria Arms, Marston
20-Jun-1998 (Saturday) – Collection at Westgate Centre – we need help
20-Jun-1998 (Saturday) – Lady Taverners Fun Day at Thorpe Park (Young members) – see Mary
26-Jun-1998  – Ordinary Club
10-Jul-1998 – Ordindary Club
17-Jul-1998 – Aunt Sally Evening at The Fishes Inn, North Hinksey Village, 7:00 pm – Food is optional, order meals at the bar if required.
24-Jul-1998 – Bowling at Jardines club, Aylesbury. 7:30 pm – £4.00
31-Jul-1998 – Ordinary Club
8-Aug-1998 to 15-Aug-1998 – PHAB Holiday at the Stackpole Centre, Pembrokeshire
4-Sep-1998 – Ordinary Club
18-Sep-1998 – Ordinary Club
25-Sep-1998 – Ordinary Club
2-Oct-1998 – Computer and Internet Night computer-night1
9-Oct-1998 – Making Christmas Cards
10-Oct-1998 (Saturday) – PHAB training day at Felbury House, Surrey
16-Oct-1998 – Making cakes for Oxfam sale
17-Oct-1998 – We are doing the refreshments for the Oxfam Booksale, from 9:30 to 4:30. Please bring cakes, and we need a lot of help that day so please be there.
23-Oct-1998 – Thai Curry Evening – let Chris know on 16th if you wish to eat
30-Oct-1998 – Ordinary Club
6-Nov-1998 – Bowling at Jardines Club, Aylesbury – 7:30 start, cost £3.50
13-Nov-1998 – Connect Four Tournament – please bring your Connect Four set.
20-Nov-1998 – Meal at the Paddyfields Chinese Restaurant 7:00pm – please let Mary know if you want to come
27-Nov-1998 – Annual General Meeting 8:00 pm and Quiz
19-Dec-1998 (Saturday) – Christmas Dinner