Craft Night

Decorating Picture frames. and other items – some with an Easter theme, some as gifts for Mothers Day and some just for fun.
We had quite a few roses left over from Alendra Rose Day and here they are used to decorate a bag
.wp-1456520064341Lovely pictutre frame !

Goede Reis, Ans

Our friend Ans, who lived in Oxford for longer than Oxford Phab has been running,  has returned to her native Holland.
Her daughter came with us to Holland in 1992, and was a great help, particularly as a Dutch speaker.
Ans herself would drop in to Phab from time to time, and chat with our members. As a social club we love to chat, and new – and returning – faces are always welcome. When I was on dialysis she would also take me home early as, although Phab is always enjoyable, my stamina was not always up to a late night.
When she moved to Holland there were some pieces of furniture and other items which she did not wish to take with her, and Phab has received some very welcome donations from the new owners of these pieces. We are grateful to Ans, and to them for this.
Thanks to the Internet Ans is still in touch with several of our members, and we like to think that rather than losing a friend in Oxford we have gained a friend in Holland.

Phab Art and Crafts Day in Hounslow

We had an early start, boarding the minibus for the journey to Hounslow.
All aboard !
On the bus and ready for a jolly day with our friends from other Phab clubs.
On the way we played “I spy”.
Warming up with hot drinks
Once we were warmed up we started on the crafts, making mosaics,
decorating eggs,
making keyrings,
and decorating mini bags.
Glass painting
Photos –
to go into picture frames
and of course there was a raffle.

Pancakes !

Cooking pancakes in the Wesley Memorial kitchen.
Production line!
We built up to two pancake makers and someone putting them in the oven to keep warm.
Then it was time to eat !
we had a good selection of fillings –
bananas and cream,
bananas and chocolate sauce,  as well as sugar and lemon juice,  or Golden Syrup.
we even had a Birthday pancake !

Wheelchair Dancing

You don’t have to be in a wheelchair to take part in Wheelchair Dancing – as Patrick and Lynn from the Wheelchair Dance Sport Association showed as when they came to teach us the rudiments of Wheelchair Dancing.
wpid-wp-1454700700445.jpegWe already enjoy Discos, Barn Dances and Zumba, and wheelchair dance can have similarities to all of these, but cleverly adapted to make the dances more accessible.

Here is Patrick giving us some initial instruction – he is starting off simple – it became more complicated as we went along !

Some pictures of us  dancing.

Getting more active !

And this one is more like a Barn Dance.

We finished with some winding down exercises.

Farewell, Terry Wogan

We encountered Terry Wogan a few times during our various Phab activities, most notably when we were presented with our Green Minibus by the Lords Taverners, at a charity cricket match.
He signed autographs, joked with our members, and talked cricket with Roy, our chairman at the time, who was a fellow cricket enthusiast.
Sir Terry’s readily distinguishable voice on the radio, and work for many good causes will be greatly missed.