Please note that we are a 100% volunteer organization, so there no daytime phone contact.
Oxford Phab Club
c/o Wesley Memorial Church
New Inn Hall Street

I am also contactable on Internet chat (XMPP) as

Some other Oxford Phab members have XMPP – also known as Jabber – addresses too, and members are welcome to contact me if they would like one.

Oxford Phab members can log in to the Web Chat page at using their username and password, and chat with other members or join the chat rooms.

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      1. People with learning disabilities are welcome at Phab club. We expect members to be kind, respectful and friendly to each other; making more of life together.

  1. We welcome new members – the best thing to do is to some along on a night shown in the Upcoming Events as a Normal Club night.

      1. Oxford Phab generally does not meet during school holidays, so there is a break in the programme for Easter, over the summer and Christmas. The times we meet can seen via our Programme page

  2. I would like to join
    Can I turn up to club night on the 22nd September 2017 to see what it’s like
    What do you do on club nights

    1. You are welcome to come along and see what we do. We have not yet decided what that will be for the 22nd, as after we have had a break we usually plan some Normal Club Nights at Wesley Memorial so members know where to come. We have a variety of games, such as Boccia, and art and craft activities we can plan in. Please note that for Safeguarding the door to the church is on an electronic lock. I will mail you my mobile number to you can ring to let us know to let you in.

  3. We want to join as well.
    We want a personal contact with John.
    My mum is retired and myself 30 years old.

  4. Hello there! I am trying to get in touch with someone but the email address at the top of the page didn’t seem to work for me. Please could you let me know a current address?
    Many thanks

  5. Hi, I’m the parent of a SEN18 Yr old who is desperate for a peer group as the school system has badly let her down. Even just one friend would make her happy. Do younger people, up to 23/25, attend your events. We are really struggling now she’s older.
    Thank you, Karen

    1. Oxford Phab was originally set up, many years ago as social contact for people who had formed very strong peer group links at school found much of the support disappeared once they were no longer at school, and most of the membership were of that age range. As time has gone by our age range has broadened to an all age club. but we do have younger members. I will contact you with further information.

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