Ten Pin Bowling

Even though we squeezed into two lanes, which is a tight fit for our group, as wheelchairs and walking frames need room to maneuver, we had an enjoyable evening, with some very respectable scores.

We appreciated the way Hollywood Bowl no longer play loud background music, so we can socialise while waiting our turn.

Birthday and Beetle

Nell has been coming to Phab for many years – not every week, as it is a long trip down from Cumbria. We were pleased to be able to celebrate her 90th birthday, with a cake, and a card.

She then joined us in playing Beetle – and had the highest score !

Normal Club without Boccia

We had Boccia on the programme, but had a committee meeting before club started, and discussions about our plans for the year, and hobbies and interests continued from there, so we never got round to getting the Boccia out.

Simon, having bought his laptop in for the committee meeting, showed me some of his videos of preserved railways.

Our Boccia referee, being deeply into politics, had a knowledgeable chat about the candidates for the Labour Party Leadership, and on other current topics our members hold views from staunch royalist to ardent republican we had plenty to talk about.

First Normal Club of 2020

Since our first meeting of the year had been going to Motown The Musical, this was our opportunity to get together and chat. We caught up on books we are reading, what we did over Christmas, politics, astronomy, and the evening flew by.

We are also looking forward to all the activities in the new programme for Winter and Spring 2020.

Motown – the Musical

Calling out around the world
Are you ready for a brand new beat?

Lyrics from Dancing in the Street, one of the Motown hits

After a Christmas break we Oxford Phab Members were ready for a brand new beat, which we found at the New Theatre, when we went to see ‘Motown – the Musical

The show is full of hit songs, performed by an energetic cast, and worth coming out on a cold January Friday for.