Indoor Curling

We played several games of Indoor Curling, for which the Hall at Wesley Memorial Church is ideal, as a large space with a smooth wooden floor. The game has a mat for a target and ‘stones’ which roll on ball bearings.

It works well for Phab as it can be played by a seated player, and does not require sweepers, or an ability to ice skate.

Hand Crafted Pizzas

Using home made pizza dough, Maria’s passata recipe, and a selection of ingredients such as olives, cheese, ham, sweetcorn and pineapple, our members could create a pizza of their choice.

These creations – labelled with appropriate names on greaseproof paper, were then cooked in the church ovens by our team of talented cooks, and then enjoyed!

We rounded off a culinary evening by celebrating a birthday, with a delicious home made cake!