Avon Tyrrell research trip

Out next holiday at Avon Tyrrell is getting closer, and we wanted to have a look at the accommodation options. As Oxford Phab members have diverse needs it was important to see, in person, a chalet we were considering booking to assess its suitability. A couple of the committee went down to the New Forest on a reconnaissance visit

We not only were given a guided tour of the chalet, but were able to discuss our activity plans with one of the staff.

It was good to have a chance to explore the site at leisure.

There is a games court beside the main house, which we may use for tennis, badminton, basketball or similar.

Everything is shaping up for a good long weekend break, from Friday May 25th to Sunday May 28th, so Oxford Phab members should make sure leave the time clear and book once the booking form is out.

Pancake evening

Pancakes are always popular, and Mary made sure we had plenty to enjoy.

We had a variety of fillings available, though the traditional lemon and sugar was the most popular.

We were also joined by a musical friend of one of our members, who played the guitar and sung a number of songs for us. Their kindness was appreciated by our members.

Club Night – getting together is always good

With some members off sick with various winter bugs, and others unable to come our numbers were a little low, but we still enjoyed getting together for a chat and cup of tea or coffee. We did not do an organised activity this evening, but talked about books, politics, family and social history, and a multitude of other topics.

As we are now meeting fortnightly we are all looking forward to our next meeting, on February 17th where we hope to see more of our members, and eat pancakes !