Oxford Fun Run 2017

We enjoyed doing the Fun Run in 2012 and 2013, and went back again to do it this year.
The Oxford Fun Run  is organised each year by the Rotary Club of Oxford. They have run this event every year since 1989, and their activities have raised a lot of money for good causes over the years.
There was a slightly different route for wheelchair users, which avoided having to travel over grass, which can be difficult if the weather has been wet.
We gathered at the start.

We did not race round, but enjoyed the event, content to be overtaken by speedier runners, and walkers.

Reunited at the end.

We were very pleased to be awarded the Pathways Workshop Special Achievement Award.

It was presented by Andrew Smith, MP for Oxford East, who also met us when we did the Oxford Fun Run in 2012.

We did this to raise money for our club activities, particularly so we can keep our Minibus going and to subsidise some events which would not otherwise be affordable for all our our members.
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Games Night at Banbury Phab

We had a great time at Banbury Phab, who had kindly invited us to their games evening.  They had  wide variety of games, from putting to seeing how many marbles you could spoon into an upside down flower pot in 30 seconds. Many of them had been made by their club leader, Barry, over the years, including his amazing switch game.

Bar skittles, also known as Devil among the tailors.

Getting marbles into a flowerpot is harder than you might think.

The marble maze requires patience and concentration – this shows a particularly tricky section of the maze.
They were also celebrating two birthdays, so we had birthday cake as well !
Thank you Banbury Phab !