An interesting Quiz Night

Tom and Martha teamed up to give us another interesting and well-balanced quiz. Questions included recognizing biscuits and board games from pictures, some of only a part of the subject – enough for the teams to know they have seen it, but not always enough to be able to identify it.

We play in teams, and it is helpful to have a range of interests on the team, and surprising to find out what members know. We also learnt some things that none of us knew, such as that a sloth takes two weeks to digest a meal, and that the animal which produces cuboid poo is the wombat. We also played a couple of Rebus games, which some members had not encountered, and enjoyed once they caught on to the format.

Quiz Night

Robin had carefully prepared his quiz. This time being well up on the full range of Star Wars movies would have been an advantage, and we did manage to do quite well on that. Unfortunately my knowledge of Gladiators, was limited to having seen the trailers, but Sarah boosted our team’s score significantly on that one, so we ended up in equal first place !
All the teams shared the chocolatey rewards.

Quiz Night

Once again Robin had gone to a great deal of trouble to prepare a quiz for us.

Misprints – one of the sections of the Quiz

We divided into four teams and tackled the various parts of the quiz.

The team I was in were particularly fortunate, as we had “The Queen of the Wordsearch” in it. Despite our advantage in this section all teams were equally triumphant, and everyone shared the prize – a tub of chocolates.

Tom's Quiz

As well as a normal club night Tom had prepared a quiz. There was a Wordsearch, for everyone to do individually.
Then we divided up into teams, one on the south side of the room and two on the north.

There was a picture themed section on identifying television programmes,
20160708_204817The programmes were from a range of eras, and covered a range of interests.
There was also a general knowledge quiz, and a musical section where we were asked to identify films or television programmes from their theme tunes.
We enjoyed the evening, and many thanks to Tom for the work he put in to prepare the quiz.

Church Partnership Party

Phab were invited to the church party which was held in Cowley Road Methodist Church.
Which People do we recognise ?
There were quizzes on Flags, People, and Streets of Oxford,  as well as games for all ages
After the quizzes we had a plentiful supper, some  singing and then a barn dance, before it was time to go home.  A huge thank you to the congregation of Cowley Road Methodist Church for making us so welcome.

Lord Mayor's challenge

The Lord Mayor of Oxford, Councillor Rae Humberestone, visited Oxford Phab to meet the members (several of whom he knew already) and take part in a quiz, with a baked potato supper and a game of Boccia.
We were joined by visitors from Wesley Memorial Church, in particular from the Open Doors project and the John Wesley Society, which made it a particularly enjoyable evening.

The arrival

DSCF1475Mary and Helen welcoming the Lord Mayor.
DSCF1468The Mayor greeting members.

The quiz

Helen had prepared a quiz, so we divided up into four teams,

The Mayor’s team – called The Chain Gang – working on the quiz

Some of the other teams, hard at work.
DSCN6576Helen reading out the questions.

The supper

After the quiz we ate a meal of jacket potatoes with savoury mince, tuna, cheese or baked beans, followed by tea or coffee.

Boccia in the Church

We moved through into the church, where there was more space for a game of Boccia.
DSCF1504Trisha enjoying Boccia in the church
The Mayor bowled well, but his team did not quite catch up with the lead the General Ignorance team had built up in the quiz.

Presenting the prizes

At the end of the evening the Lord Mayor presented The Lord Mayor’s Challenge Cup to some members of the winning team. There were also chocolates which were shared with anyone who wanted one.
We hope Rae will be able to return next year, as Deputy Mayor for another Lord Mayor’s Challenge