Zumba with George Martini

We all gathered in the Hall, due to a meeting in the John Wesley Room. I hope our enthusiastic Zumba session did not intrude on their meeting.

We all sat around and chatted beforehand.

The session started with some Seated Zumba, which still provided a good workout.

We also rehearsed the routine we will perform at the Zumbathon to raise money for Children in Need on November 8th. A video of the routine is posted for club members to the Oxford Phab Private Facebook Group for rehearsal purposes. If members do not have access to Facebook they should contact me and I can share it with them via Google Photos.

We then moved on to some more conventional Zumba, this section had us in a circle, with some seated and some standing.

Serving refreshments at Open Doors

Once a year Oxford City opens its doors to give the public access to many places which are not normally open to the public in its Open Doors event. On the same weekend the Ride and Stride event raises money for the Oxford Historic Churches Trust, with people sponsored to walk or cycle to visit churches. Visitors for either event, or who were merely passing were welcome to come to Wesley Memorial Church to purchase refreshments in aid of the church Open Doors project.

Since Oxford have have benefited, and continue to benefit from the improvements to the premises the project has provided several Phab members were happy to join the other volunteers from the church to help.

Welcoming customers

Helping in the kitchen

Normal Club and planning a programme

We are still sorting out what we will do through the autumn, however for those of us who keep up with current events, we are being provided with plenty to chat about !

We also did a little preparation for tomorrow when Wesley Memorial Church will be open for Oxford Open Doors, and some Phab members will be helping sell refreshments in aid of the Wesley Memorial Open Doors church redevelopment project.

Back together after the Summer Holidays

After our Summer Holidays it was great to meet up with our Phab friends to find out what they had been doing, and have a chat.

We also started to plan the programme for the rest of the year, which needs to be co-ordinated with the church diary, and we will need to find out if some of places, such as Donnington Social Club will be available when we want to go. It looks as if we will have plenty to look forward to.

Beetle Drive

Oxford Phab aims to provide activities for a wide range of abilities, and often games are played in a spirit of co-operation. Beetle can bring out the less patient side in everybody, which is why there is no record from tonight of anybody actually playing Beetle. Once games started there were no spare moments for photography. In the Phab spirit we felt the anguish of those throwing every number except six, while others on the table were trying to complete a Beetle, and kept throwing sixes which were useless to them.

Our final winner generously shared out the prize chocolates with the whole club.