High Ropes at Avon Tyrrell 2016

After our Archery session we moved on to the High Ropes. These are allowed us to get high up into the trees !
DSC00006In the middle of this picture Maria is climbing a tree, watched by Tom and some of the Avon Tyrrell instructors.
DSC00008I am walking along a log above the forest.
I do make it to the end !
DSC00012Trisha climbing.
DSC00016Trisha has climbed even higher, while, in the background, Helen has climbed up to the horizontal log.
Kelly going for a swing !
DSC00029Sarah on the High Ropes – heading up,
DSC00038and has enjoyed the experience !

This short clip of Tom is hosted on this PeerTube server.

Note that PeerTube takes privacy very very seriously – accessing YouTube or Vimeo videos also shares your IP address, but does not warn you.

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