Sports Training Night

Adam, from the English Federation of Disability Sport came to give us an evening of sports training, kindly sponsored by Sainsburys.
We started by writing down what we hoped to get out of the evening.

After that Adam talked a little about the different ways that Disability Sport can be organised

with a test, involving matching captions to descriptions to see if we had been paying attention. Then it was time to get more active !
dsc00674We played a game where we moved around the hall, going through, or touching, as many rings as we could.

We did several variants of this – here is one.
dsc00682We also played a game where we divided into two teams. One was trying to get all the bean bags to match the colours of the hoops they were in, and the other team was trying to make sure the colours did not match. Some of the hoops were on chairs to be reachable from a wheelchair.
dsc00684We played some variations on games of hockey, where the room was divided into areas, and players from each team were assigned an area they played in.

Above is one of the games in action. Green sticks are playing towards one goal, and yellow sticks towards the other.
dsc00690One useful thing we learnt was to think about flexible ways the space and rules can beĀ  used. Here is a diagram of an alternative way of dividing up a playing area, with channels down the sides with players in them.
dsc00694By the end of the evening we were feeling “Happy and tired”

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