The wider Phab

Oxford Phab is affiliated to National Phab, which has been running since 1957, and is one of many Phab clubs throughout the country.
Some of our members are also members of Abingdon Phab, or Banbury Phab, and we also visit Hounslow Phab for some of activities they run.
We get together with other Phab clubs, mostly from the South East, for the Heartbeat Hike sponsored walk, and also for conferences and other get togethers.

Oxfordshire Phab Area Committee

The Phab Area Committee (PAC) began as an informal meeting of Club leaders after the PHAB Manchester Conference in 1983 ? It organised the work of up to 5 county fieldworkers who were paid by the Manpower Services Commission.
The PAC was formed as a formal body in November 1987, with a grant of £150 from National PHAB, and received generous initial donations in 1988, including
£4000 from the Spastics Society, £2000 from Central Telethon
and many other donations.
The PHAB Area Committee acted as a coordinating body for PHAB Clubs
in Oxfordshire. It consisted of representatives from each PHAB Club, plus a chairman, secretary and treasurer, and a vice chairman, who also represents the PAC on the PHAB South East Region committee.
The PAC was a registered charity, number 298846
The PAC  employed a field worker who acts as a club coordinator. The field worker reported to the chairman.


The full committee met approximately four times per year, although the field worker was in contact with the individual committee members in between meetings.
Representatives of the County Council attended some of the committee meetings.
We tried to rotate the meetings around the county, depending on where we can find a meeting room, usually they were in Oxford, Banbury, Thame or Abingdon.


The PAC organised a number of events, bringing together Phab clubs around the county


The grant from Oxfordshire County Council, which had been the main source of income for the PAC, ceased in 2003, and the PAC no longer exists as a formal body.
The funds which remained in its accounts were distributed to the individual Phab clubs in the county.
PHAB in Oxfordshire carries on – please contact the clubs, or PHAB National
to find out more information.

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