Programme 1995

These old programme entries are here so prospective new members can see the things we have done in the past, and to bring back memories for those who took part.
6-Jan-1995 – Ordinary Club
2-Jun-1995 – Ordinary Club
9-Jun-1995 – Ordinary + video
11-Jun-1995 – Heartbeat Hike in London
16-Jun-1995 – Ordinary + Badminton
23-Jun-1995 – PAC AGM + Disco at Morris Motors Social Club
30-Jun-1995 – Caribbean Night – Myrtle’s Miraculous, Mouthwatering Morsels
7-Jul-1995 – Barbecue at Joe and Helen’s
15-Jul-1995 – Day trip to Thorpe Park
21-Jul-1995 – Trivial Pursuit and Ordinary Club
28-Jul- 1995 – Victoria Arms pub trip

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