Oxford Phab Holiday at Avon Tyrrell 2016 – Highlights

We had such a good holiday at Avon Tyrrell in 2015 that we decided to return, doing some of the same activities, and trying some different ones.
We booked the same chalet, with its large communal area for cooking, eating and socialising.

We hope our next holiday will be as good as this one !
We now have a video, made by Patti, of the highlights of the holiday.

We also have a PeerTube Playlist of videos from the holiday at https://peertube.paladyn.org/videos/watch/playlist/fe4d9703-76d7-4763-8968-cafa9486fc02 – more videos will be added as I get round to them

Tom descending from the High Ropes at Avon Tyrrell

On the High Ropes at Avon Tyrrell on the Oford Phab Holiday in 2016 https://oxford-phab.wp.paladyn.org/2016/05/14/high-ropes-at-avon-tyrrell-2016/


On the High Ropes at Avon Tyrrell during an Oxford Phab holiday https://oxford-phab.wp.paladyn.org/2016/05/14/high-ropes-at-avon-tyrrell-2016/

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